Where are you, Mushu???

December 2022 update: Mushu is still missing
I‘m Mushu’s mom Paula.  I’ve been searching for my girl since she disappeared in November 2015. She’s a very special cat and my heart is completely broken 😥 😥 😥 . My other cats haven’t been the same since her disappearance either 😥 . She went missing from northern Woodbury near the border of Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. I heard a bad fight when she disappeared, so she may have been injured at the time. She’s a 6 year old tortoiseshell, aka tortie, cat with unique markings (stripe down nose, striped tail, asymmetrical rust-colored patches above eyes and on body) and a tipped left ear (spayed) though not feral. Her eyes are pale yellow, though they appear somewhat green in her photos. She was mostly an indoor cat, but familiar with and comfortable being outside. She was very friendly, but must have gotten spooked by the fight, which is what drove her off.
Aliases: Mushka, Mushka Baboushka, Moosh, Ooch, Oochka 😉
Please contact me by phone with any information at 516-692-4488 or by phone/text/with photos or video at 516-508-1174 as I don’t have constant access to the Internet – Thank you ❤️😊❤️😊❤️
Mushu’s Facebook page:
Paula’s Facebook page:

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